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Allen and Heath 2800M 48 channel Monitor console


The Console is an Allen and Heath 2800M  ("M" is for Monitor),


It may be considered as brand new, It has a robust flight case, on castors also.

It was made on special order to be 48i/p.  Normally they stopped at 40.
It's 48 mic inputs (with splitters) into 16 outputs configurable as 16 mono, 8 stereo or 
whatever combination.  No line level only or stereo input modules. 
It's, at its core, a big box of auxiliaries.  There are outputs on the monitor to drive In ear monitors or a monitor speaker (foldback wedge) so the monitor operator can get a good idea of what's being delivered to the performers.
The colour coding shows you which post/pre fade sends on the channel strips are controlled by which master faders.
In a studio it's possible it might find a home tracking a band.  The splitters mean any source could be tracked with boutique mic amps or with the channel strips with sniffer plugs or like I did, in the insert cct.  Any sane number of monitor mixes could be made for the band without latency.  The DAW would just be concerned with tracking and programme mixing. 

Allen and Heath 2800M 48 channel Monitor console

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