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B87i C



For many years, the Neumann U87 through its many revisions has found a place among the most usable studio microphones of all time. In fact, it is the only model that has been continually made since its release almost 50 years ago! Of the many revisions, the favourite is the original early model U87i. Why did this version of the U87 become the favourite? It was the overall musical tone that was much less sterile than the current U87Ai that helped the U87i become the most sought after and highest valued U87 model. In the used market these days, the buyer’s first question is always: “Is it the one with the battery compartment? If so, I’ll take it!”

Clones, clones, clones — they are everywhere! So, what makes ours different? We at BeesNeez are the only microphone company to make the capsule, body, and the transformer for a clone version of the U87i.  Other companies are restricted to buying these most important parts. For them, this means you get what you get. For us however, this is not, nor has never been, the case. If we want to make a mic, we make the most important parts ourselves to ensure the end result is exactly what we’re looking for.

We offer the BeesNeez U87i C with a choice of bodies: (1) an original BeesNeez body, or (2) a clone-looking body.  We have also decided to make the cardioid-only version to keep the signal chain as short as possible. We managed to source a decent supply of original NOS (end of life) 2N3819 Fets to help us achieve the desired time period sound of the U87i.

Why do we offer you a choice in bodies? We want to give you the option to make your microphone an original BeesNeez design or a clone.  Is there are difference between the two sonically?  If you are using the microphone on a source not closer than 20cm from the grille, then the difference in body types would not be discernible. However, if you were using the microphone for a subtle vocal take, where the artist was close up on the grille, then yes, you will hear slightly more bottom end on the BeesNeez version body, as the head grille design allows more for proximity effect than the slant grille design of the clone body.

B87i C

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