Calrec AMS UA8000 64 Channel Console

Calrec AMS UA8000 64 Channel Console

The Iconic Calrec console, solid real console.


Buy "as is", there will need to be some work done, but nother major.


-each channel has pre, eq, comp, gate
-32 group outs
-4 mono echos
-4 stereo cues
-9 VCA groups
-dual master busses, can be paralleled with 4 button presses
-comps per master channel (4x)
-very comprehensive patch bay
-extremely solid build
-all modules well considered steel bracing
-all modules pots mounted to steel sections (decoupled from solder joints)
-comes with spares
-come with extender cards for in-situ testing
-phantom power supply is great


The bad
-little maintenance done in the last 5 years
-many channels not currently passing audio or are intermittent
-confident the vast majority of this will be resolved with a recap
-some buttons don’t stay (tooth picks work well)
-audio power supplies (+/- 16.5V) are not powerful enough to run the whole console, will likely require a new PSU (not hard to source)
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