CALREC M series / 32 channel

CALREC M series / 32 channel

This is a real "classic" British recording console. Early 80's, built for the BBC.


It is of that era, comparable to Neve's etc, at a fraction of the cost,


It is a work of art


The desk is divided into 3 sections. The left side, ch’s 1-20 with the additional 6 ‘floating’ ch's
Pre/eq modules are PQ1347’s and there are 32 on faders (P&G ‘quadrant’ type) with an additional 6 modules on the left, ‘producers’ side of the console.
These additional modules are patchable, though only the eq’s are active when patched, not the amplifier. 
The modules are all interchangeable and hot patchable. 


24 of the 32 channels are direct out and come up on the patch bay and ch’s 25-32 are easy to have 'direct outed’ and patched in. 
The desk comes with 2 full manuals, again, original BBC spec, and diagrams etc


Everything is on the patch bay more or less. There are 4 aux per ch and each ch will go into 4 str groups, then into 2 str main outs. Main or MCF.
Metering is PPM , a pair of VU’s made for the master buss


This console can be purchased togrther with a Studer A-80 24 track tape machine (listed also)


Please enquire.