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The GLA-OC1 "Governor"  is a highly distinctive, dual-channel, tube optical compressor. We believe it can be considered one of the most progressive optical compressors. In its operation, it builds upon and elevates the concept of the Bishop's dual slope optical compressor, taking it to the next level.


Based on valves, it features a more parameterizable version of the Tube Boost function found in the Empress. In addition to the sidechain filter, it can receive an external sidechain signal and operate in both stereo and mono modes. It offers three compression modes, ranging from a gentle LA2 style to an aggression what previously unheard of in optical compressors scene. It can handle timing automation and includes a meter section with a peak hold function, providing precise feedback on the compressor's operating status.


What is a dual slope compressor?


In the case of the Governor, the dual slope design means that beyond the compressor threshold point, another threshold point can be set. Beyond this second threshold, the compressor's release curve becomes much steeper, and the compressor begins to operate with a much higher compression ratio. In practice, it's like applying multi-stage dynamic control. 
The first threshold would set a compressor with a lower ratio and a smoother knee, while the second threshold would set a compressor with a higher ratio and a steeper knee. All of this is done within one device, causing the timing of the two compression phases to influence each other. As a result, the sound of the Governor can be highly flexible, ranging from classic levelers to the sound of modern optical compressors and even to an aggression not heard before in optical compressors, especially when extreme settings are applied.


Main properties:

  • Electron tube optical compressor
  • Nano crystalline output transformer
  • Dual Slope design
  • Automatic timing option
  • Side-chain filter
  • External side-chain signal reception
  • Comprehensive meter section
  • Stereo and dual mono operation

Field of application:

  • Bus compressor
  • Mastering compressor
  • Tracking compressor
  • Recording compressor


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