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High end outboard units / microphones as package

This is a package of outboard:

- Yamaha NS-10's

- Event 20 / 20 BAS active monitors

- Lexicon PCM-80 (arguably the best sounding smaller unit they made)

- Mercury EQ-P1, Pultec style EQ

- Aurora Audio GT-Q2 Neve style mic pre / compressor

- Crane Song Trakka, modelling Comp / limiter

- Studio mix room diffusor panel, 2.7 X 1.2 Meters

- Studio corner bass traps

- Custom bantam patch bay wired for Chilton console



- EV-666 vintage mic

- Rode NT-1 MK-1 (1994)

- Hughes and Kettner "Red Box" DI (a classic)

- X2 Whirlwing DI's

- SM-57 X 2

- Sennheiser MD-421 (white 60's vintage)


Please contach us to obtain further details and pricing


This whole list can be bought as a package, as well as the Chilton 12 channel recording console.