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Looptrotter 500 series modular consoles (16 channel)



LOOPTROTTER MODULAR CONSOLE is a perfect solution for all studios and engineers who already use 500s modules in their environment. It is fully customizable and compatible with almost every 500s module available on the market. 

The new Looptrotter Modular Console is an all analog recording and mixing console designed for engineers, recording studios and educational facilities. The Modular System allows for Split/Inline configuration. It’s incredibly versatile and easy to use thanks to 8 subgroups and 4 Aux Sends. The plug’n’play setup is fast and effective thanks to DB-25 and XLR connectors.




  • Two selectable work modes (sources) Record (MIC) and Mix (DAW)
  • Direct to Tape/DAW output with adjustable level
  • Mic/Line input (DB25)
  • DAW input (DB25)
  • Insert send (DB25)
  • Insert return (DB25)
  • Discrete OP-AMPS circuit
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Two 500s slots with true bypass
  • 4 Auxes per channel, pre/post fader assignable
  • Adjustable panning 
  • Mute track switch
  • Solo track switch
  • Every channel is assignable to 5 different summing buses, 1-4 stereo summing groups, Master or both
  • Fully operational as an empty frame (no 500s modules installed)
  • LED meter bridge included
  • Alps faders included





  • 4 Auxes, Pre/Post fader assignable

  • Solo Aux switch

  • LED meters for Solo level

  • 5 stereo assignable summing groups, 1-4 stereo summing groups and master channel 

  • Solo switch for each group

  • Mute switch for each group

  • Two 500s slots on Master Buss (L+R) 

  • Master Buss 500s module bypass

  • Master Buss insert switch

  • Daw input adjustable level

  • External input adjustable level

  • Two 500s slots on each summing group (1-4), 8 in total

  • True bypass switch on each 500s module

  • Insert switch on each stereo group

  • Alps faders

  • Four summing group LED meters (Summing group meter bridge)

  • Two analog VU Meters for Master Output

  • Built in talkback microphone with adjustable gain

  • Listen mic input with adjustable level

  • Intuitive talkback with adjustable routing: SLS (Studio Loudspeaker), AUX

  • Three talkback modes, stable, moment and auto

  • External Talkback microphone input with 48V phantom power and adjustable gain
  • Studio listen microphone input with 48V phantom power and adjustable gain

  • Talkback footswitch

  • Monitor section with A/B/C speaker select with adjustable trim for each speaker set

  • Selectable monitor source: External, DAW, L+R

  • Adjustable headphones listening level

  • Adjustable solo level

  • Adjustable dim level

  • Monitor mute switch

  • Monitor dim switch

  • Solo clear switch


Looptrotter 500 series modular consoles (16 channel)

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