MCI JH 528 (1979) Classic recording console

MCI JH 528 (1979) Classic recording console

This is a blast from the past of the golden era of recording ... How many hits recorded on these consoles ?


Its a "c" revision, VU meters,


All Master buss and monitor modules re-capped, as well as first 12 channels, power supplies ( X2 ), close to full restoration.


This console is in superb condition, and is ready to rock.



Two boxes full of spares, including relays, PCB’s etc. Also an external testing module, which makes servicing each channel a breeze, as it can be performed outside of the desk.


This console is still fully servicable, and many are in use.


A highly sought after console, the BEST of the modern MCI's


Selling for well over $25K in the States (ex GST)

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