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Oliver Condenser Microphone

The BeesNeez Oliver Tube Condenser Microphone, with the BeesNeez K7 [K47] capsule, has been designed to capture sources in a realistic manner.


Nothing hyped just true to life reproduction.


The Oliver captures subtle nuances that are left behind by many other modern microphones. How have we managed this? We have designed the capsule in the Oliver to have cochlear linearityTM, which is the ability to capture audio utilising a similar frequency response to the human ear.


When you add to this the incredible sensitivity of the capacitive capsule, the end result is source capture that needs little to no processing after the fact. Sources captured with the Oliver will sit well in any mix at any level. If you find yourself as an engineer or musician struggling to define your mixes, then the Oliver may be the glue that will bind them together.

Oliver Condenser Microphone

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