The SSL 6000 series would be the most desirable SSL console in the "4000" series.


If they manufactured them now, they would be almost unaffordable, but this is an opportunity for a serious (or project) studio to have a wonderful piece of audio engineering, that is not only historic, but is fully functional and modern, and sounds amazing. The amount of great hit records made on these consoles would be more than all other consoles put together.


It is set apart from others, as it has 3 stereo audio sections, routed via the channels, feeding the main stereo section, each of these can be inserted over the audio, and then brought in to the stereo mix.


Much quality work has been performed on the historic console




G series computer

X2 Power Supplies (refurbished)

Many custom audio looms, well built

40 Mono installed, 4 Stereo, with spares to fill frame

Console type: 6056-40+8S-B6-TR-DL
Serial #: 6380


Console has been completey overhauled and refurbished to be in pristine condition, from recapping, All channels gone over, Centre section overhauled


More spares, from many plasma meters (last on the planet), to an ovewhelming list, too comprehensive to list, but can provide full list


Housed in Australia, and in a low use service


Full crates for shipping avaliable