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Vintage Neve Suitcase console with furniture 34128 channels

The price is now a bit ridiculous for this Gem


We would like to move asap !


This is a very cool Neve "Suitcase" recording console, with 34128 modules. 8 Channels, with transformer balanced outputs, by Pro Harmonic. The console has had many parts renewed, and is in great shape. A part of the purchase will be for Pro harmonic to go over the console before shipping. It comes with much peripheral equipment and furniture:


The items that would come with the Neve full package:

• the Neve Console and the Output 2U rack (2U rack with its 8 outputs and 8 line inputs also)

• Command8 (USA model that comes with P&G touch sensitive knobs, and newer controls knobs)

• A hi-end USA to AU (110vac - 230vac) step-up transformer unit. 10amps max installed in the furniture console. It has 1 spare input to power more US-AU gear in future.  

• Custom built Furniture Console (a value of $5-10K) Sides 50mm MDF CNC machined, body 100% 3mm aluminium metal, mesh under side, all surfaces 2pac coated black. 

• 2 LCD monitors installed in the window of the Furniture Console (both LCD are 90% visibility as a little of the bottoms are not visible from front window, but work great for mix as mix window for DAW. There is a 3rd small LCD on the surface of the Furniture Console powers on but we doesn't come with driver disk, so it would be good for buyer to replace it.  

• A unwired mini patch-bay, ready to wire. Its also installed into the surface of the Furniture Console.

• A 8 channel Mic Snake, a Muster buss snake that is accessed under Furniture Console hole in mesh, A long sake to output 2U rack, it also comes out from the Furniture Console mesh under hole (all come plugged into the Neve console unit).

• 4 Input and Output XLRs L&R for Command8 I/Os, both sets come plugged into to the Command8, and the Command8 Output leads L&R are plugged into the Neve main inputs L&R

snake the hangs out of the Furniture Console hole for easy plug and play.


This is a very comprehensive recording set up, and can also be a grea summing mixer, its classic Neve, and getting harder and harder to source. The mic pre's for tracking are stunning, whilst still very simple. It has line inputs also.