YAMAHA PM-2000 / 32 Channel Console

YAMAHA PM-2000 / 32 Channel Console

1978 Yamaha PM2000.


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An opportunity for a heavyweight console, at an affordable price.

No expense restoring this beauty known as a JapaNeve or YamaNeve. 

The EQ is based on the 1073 / Neve, Pre's more API
The topology is closer to an API but they do have a ‘fat’ vibe. 

32 channels with 4 band EQ & 6 Aux Sends. 
8 Pgm Outs
8 Matrix Outs
Every input and output has a transformer. 
Modded to be 56 inputs at mix using the 8 x Bus ins and 8 x Aux ins plus the 2 mono Aux ins. 
All feeding the 8 x Pgm Outs. 

On most mixes I had every input full with channels from my DAW or 24 track tape machine plus effects returns. 
Was setup with a full patchbay. 
And Comp & Gate on each of the first 24 channels. 

Fully recapped by Warren Huck - every single cap in the whole console. 
I also gave the 8 Pgm outs new JLM op Amps and transformers. 
Power supply recapped already, with soft start

It has a nice heavy duty carpet covered metal stand that she sits on. 
I have a few spare bits that will come with it

All XLR & 6.5 Jack ins and outs so no special cabling needed.