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ADL S/C/L 1500

The ADL 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter is a brilliant 2 channel, all tube design, providing phenomenal dynamic range with a clear, punchy, warm sound!

Its "invisible" compression has made the ADL 1500 a very in-demand item. 
Eight vacuum tubes give the ADL 1500 its unmistakable richness and depth. Find out why so many people depend on the ADL 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor - the "fattest" sound around!!! 

* All tube design (no IC's or chips) 
* Opto attenuators for "invisible" compression 
* High quality transformer balanced inputs and outputs 
* XLR input and output jacks 
* 2 independent channels SPECIFICATIONS 
* Stereo link switch on front panel 
* Stereo adjust pots on front panel 
* Wide dynamic range (15Hz - 30K) 
* Works with unbalanced systems 
* Handbuilt in the USA 
* Heavy-duty chassis 
* Great for analog & digital recording as well as live sound

ADL S/C/L 1500

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