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ADL 660

All audio transformers are designed according to original specifications and are used not only serve our needs, but also to service and repair original 660 and 670 Fairchilds.

* All tube design (no IC's or chips) 
* All parts are designed based on the original Fairchild 660 
* All capacitors and resisters match values based on original Fairchild 660 / 670
* XLR input / output 
* Handbuilt in the USA
* Heavy-Duty Chassis 
* Great for analog & digital recording, tracking, as well as live 
* One Year limited warrenty 
* Tubes located in the rear for maximum ventilation 
* 24-VDC Cooling fan 
* Two PCB's 
* 3 U High chassis with swing down door as faceplate 
* ADDED FEATURE: DC threshold is located on front panel allowing for more of a tailored compresssion setting
* recall sheet

ADL 660

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