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B67-269 (Version 1)

The U67 began its life as the U60. After a few revisions and part changes, the model U67 was released as a replacement to the U47 microphone. The circuit in the U67 microphone is rather complex in comparison to its earlier designed sibling. This new design allowed the design team to sculpt the entire frequency range of the also newly-designed K67 capsule. To many, at first, the U67 lacked the initial luster of the previous M49 and U47 models. However, this thinking, too, was short lived. The U67 proved to be an incredible studio tool with its very predictable nature and manipulatable frequency response.

The decision was made by the BeesNeez team to add a BU67 to our Clone Series of microphones as the vintage Neumann U67 sound should be available for all to enjoy!

B67-269 (Version 1)

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