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About BeesNeez

Many years ago Ben Sneesby the founder of BeesNeez Microphones recognized a gap in the microphone market. It seemed that far to many companies were now simply purchasing parts from Asia, assembling them and calling themselves manufacturers. This led him on the quest to bring to market a product that utilizes the best quality components and materials with the entire microphone assembly manufactured and assembled in the Beesneez factory. All BeesNeez Microphones are lovingly made in the factory that Ben owns with his wife Veronica and their children in Kyogle NSW Australia.


The result has been amazing, not only do BeesNeez Microphones look fantastic, they also have an unforgettable sound.  Ben has experience in all aspects of the industry as a musician, producer and engineer, hence the desire to make the very best microphone available today. 

Ben’s unique microphone capsule design has been famed as the best capsule being made today. Each capsule is made from a brass or bronze rod, then turned, milled and drilled till the result is a piece of art. This is the building block of a great microphone and just part of the reason why BeesNeez Microphones are now considered the leading boutique microphone manufacturer.      


The electronics in all Beesneez microphones are of the highest quality. The tubes used in our microphones are hand selected from European and American new old stock (NOS). When deciding on a tube for our microphones, we don't just test for noise, we burn them in and then listen, to ensure that every tube used meets our requirements. 

So many of the microphones manufactured today are modeled and named after a U47, a 251 or a C12. These microphones are still and always have been among the greatest microphones ever made, so rather than just make another clone, we have decided to create our own designs. Really, the world does not need another clone manufacturer.  

The BeesNeez Microphones range can be divided it three separate ranges.


The TributeProducer and Studio Series. The Tribute series was designed not to clone the classics, but rather to be a tribute to them. The Producer series was designed with the recording engineer and musician in mind. The Studio series will meet the needs of both the professional and home recording studio.  

All BeesNeez Microphones have names rather than numbers. The reason for this is that Ben is a family man; hence 4 of the microphones are named after his daughters, Mahalia, Phelicity, Arabella and Elly, while the remaining microphones are named after his nieces and nephews. 

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