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Mixmasters Pro Audio supply all Josephson products - please contact us for pricing on all models.

About Josephson

Principles and Products

Josephson Engineering makes a wide range of fine condenser microphones for studio, stage and field sound pickup, and audio instrumentation. The company began in San Jose, California in 1988 and moved to Santa Cruz in 2000... more than 25 years of making microphones. All of our products are designed and manufactured in our facility in Santa Cruz.

In the process of developing our own mics, we've come up with special technologies that let us realize designs that weren't possible in classics of years past. This means that the expert user has a wider range of sound choices, without many of the compromises of older designs. Besides our own production, we also supply microphone capsules to several other mic manufacturers that become the mics for their most demanding customers. All of our business is individual -- we use select local dealers who bring our product directly to critical users around the world. 

We have a standard product line that covers many applications, but if there's a microphone you need that we don't make, we'll either tell you about the best one we know of for that job, or make it for you ourselves. We won't tell you that one of our mics is good for everything -- there's no such thing. 

Josephson also provides electro-acoustical engineering, design and manufacturing services for challenging requirements in many industries, specializing in microphone transducers and supporting systems. Our OEM capabilities have allowed several companies to excel in their own markets, using capsules made by Josephson.


Tech Notes are our way to communicate specific technical recommendations on selection and use of microphones. Some are available online, including Jürg Jecklin's original paper about using the Optimum Stereo System disk. If you have a question about mic design or application, let us know.

As mic makers, we'd like to perpetuate the fiction that buying a particular microphone (from us, naturally!) will make all your recordings more wonderful. Too bad it isn't true. What will make your recordings more wonderful is to understand a little better how the mics work, how to choose among the mics you have, where to put them for a given venue, and most important, how the physics of the air and microphone work with the physiology and psychology of perception.

Josephson Web Site

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