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Gainlab (Hungary) was founded with the crew of Gainlab Studios and external engineers with one goal: design and create high quality studio equipments.

During the many work hours spent in the studio they faced situations when they needed to service their equipment. As time passed by some parts has become obsolete and replacement parts were no longer available. They had to find their own creative way to substitute specific parts, or re-create complex circuitry to repair their gear.

Learning from these experiences the crew from Gainlab came to a very clear conclusion: "we can improve, or modify the sound of our gear, or even better we can create our very own taste of sound", "but from this point we could not stop….we wanted to share this unique taste with others".

Gainlab's high quality studio equipment represents excellent quality and workmanship, and not a single piece can leave without the careful touch of a human hand. "We proudly willing to introduce us as Gainlab Audio, and we hope you will soon join to our satisfied customers".

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