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Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ

A 3 band parametric EQ boasting some world first design work that uses “harmonic saturation to boost and cut frequency content. It enhances your sources, stems and mixes with genuine analogue harmonic saturation with the feel, familiarity, and control of an equaliser”


Key features:

  • 3-band, 500 Series Harmonic EQ™ meticulously developed by the Cranborne Audio team in the UK.
  • Custom analogue EQ circuit and unique ‘saturation-core’ technology for Harmonically-enriched EQ effects.
  • Parametric LO and HI shelving bands with ±10dB of cut/boost and harmonic saturation.
  • Parametric peaking MID band with ±10dB of cut/boost, fixed Q and harmonic saturation.
  • LO, MID, and HI LED indicators to display saturation level.
  • ±20dB Input and Output Level for dense harmonic saturation or clean EQ effects.
  • OptoSync wireless communication between modules for linked controls during stereo operation.
  • ⅛” TRS socket for linking non-adjacent modules. 
  • Circuit auto-calibration for perfect stereo matching between all modules. 
  • True-bypass IN/OUT switching with complete or post input trim modes available on DIP switch. 
  • Stepped, front-panel controls for quick recall and precise feel.

Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ

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