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Carnaby HE2

Introducing Carnaby HE2

Cranborne Audio is proud to unveil the latest addition to its HarmonicEQ® family – Carnaby HE2. Designed as a Stereo, Dual-Mono, and Mid/Side 3-band parametric EQ, Carnaby HE2 builds upon Cranborne Audio’s groundbreaking Carnaby 500, further delivering unparalleled sonic capabilities for your audio.


Cranborne Audio MD, Sean Karpowicz says "Carnaby HE2 maintains the exquisite harmonic saturation of Carnaby 500's groundbreaking HarmonicEQ® design, the first truly new analogue signal processing technology in four decades. Building upon this
innovation, Carnaby HE2 brings Hybrid Mixing even closer to your fingertips. Featuring USB and Network Control through our included plugin, Carnaby HE2 provides enhanced control for your recording and mixing sessions."


Key Features:
● 3-band HarmonicEQ®: Custom analogue EQ circuit and unique
‘saturation-core’ technology for harmonically-enriched EQ effects.
● Versatile Operation: Carnaby HE2 supports stereo & dual-mono configurations,
as well as mid-side encoding for enhanced control over stereo imaging.
● Intuitive Interface: Equipped with LED rings and digital encoders, the Carnaby HE2 ensures a user-friendly and visually intuitive experience that ensures any remote control operation is reflected on the Carnaby HE2’s front panel.
● Remote Control & Recall: Utilise USB and Network control and recall via the included plugin to seamlessly retrieve your preferred settings, recall previous settings, and control your Carnaby HE2 remotely right from your DAW – providing a streamlined workflow for the modern studio environment.

● Per-Band Bypass: Achieve precise tonal sculpting by independently bypassing each of the 3 frequency bands, allowing you to audition and fine-tune your settings.
● Extended HF & LF shaping: Facilitating further sound-sculpting, precise HF and LF cut controls with individual bypass controls help further tame and shape your audio.
● Outboard Processing Integration: Carnaby HE2 caters to your creativity with per-channel inserts for outboard processing, empowering you to easily expand your workflow.
● Internal PSU: Carnaby HE2 features an internal switchable mains power-supply for 100 - 240V operation.

Carnaby HE2

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