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The Empress is a dual channel passive equalizer equipped with a tube amplifier that has three bands on each side. 


"Many of the modern equalizers are based on the original EQP-1 in both structure and functions that could be limiting in a modern music environment and production.

Our aim in the lab was to improve the classic concept. First, we added an additional mid frequency filter between the low and high frequency filters in order to improve the versatility of the unit in the modern days music environment. We left the option of simultaneous cutting and boosting in the low and high band, so all those tricks can be done that a user normally would expect from an equalizer. Furthermore, the shift function can be used on these bands so that the mid frequency of the simultaneous cutting and boosting can be shifted relative to each other. After extensive test bench trials, using the equalizer in real life applications, the versatilty of the unit was far beyond expectation. It proved to be suitable from recording to master colouring or can be used in any equalizer task. It is fair to say that it dominates the entire frequency range and most of the time it does sounds great in extreme conditions, hence we named it to Empress".


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