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R-10 Hotrod Matched Pair 25th Anniversary Ribbon Microphone



To kick off its 25th anniversary celebration, Royer Labs announces the R-10 “Hot Rod” 25th Anniversary microphone—a passive mono ribbon microphone designed for use both in the studio and on live stages. The limited-edition R-10 “Hot Rod” is fitted with a custom Anniversary Edition transformer, has 5dB hotter output than the standard R-10 with a punchier, more open sound characteristic, and comes with a 25th Anniversary trim package that sets it apart from the standard R-10.


Like the original R-10, the R-10 Hot Rod handles extremely high SPLs (160dB @ 1kHz), has an internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer and 3-layer wind screen system that combine to give the ribbon element excellent protection (making it their best choice for live work), features lowered proximity effect that make it a excellent for close miking instruments and singers, and carries a 5-year warranty with the first re-ribbon free.

R-10 Hotrod Matched Pair 25th Anniversary Ribbon Microphone

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