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B87i (New)

The BeesNeez B87i is a multipattern, phantom-powered microphone that has been created as a homage to the venerable original 1960’s era U87 microphone.  We have worked very hard to create the vintage tone that is loved by so many.  This microphone is no exception; it encompasses all that the 1960’s original version of the U87 was.  The original U87 was manufactured between the years of 1967 and 1986.

Noise is always an important consideration in a microphone.  To keep self-noise to a minimum, all switching is internal to the microphones structure.  This fantastic and novel approach has allowed the self-noise of our B87i to have a 3dB improvement over the classic.  Self-noise of a microphone wasn’t a big deal in the 1960’s as most tape had more self-noise than the microphone being recorded.  These days, however, with whisper quiet and crystal clear digital recordings, self-noise really does matter. The small switch bank is easily accessible and any changes of pattern, pad or high pass can be easily made in just a few seconds.

Our B87i microphone ships in a protective case.  This package also includes an elastic spider style professional shock mount.

B87i (New)

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