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The Original AKG C12 is one of the best known and most recognisable microphones ever made. The Brass CK12 capsule used in this microphone is loved for it’s beautiful highs and natural frequency response. These capsules are the most sophisticated to manufacture. AKG ceased manufacturing this capsule more than 30 years ago. We at BeesNeez have since become the largest manufacture of CK12 capsules in the world. Our modern machine shop with state of the art and state of the Science machinery can reproduce this amazing capsule with unbeatable accuracy. This capsule is the heart of both the Tube and Fet/Cardioid versions of the the BC12A.The BC12A Fet microphone will capture the beautiful C12 sound for you in a no-nonsense design. The small footprint will make it easy to place in a variety of settings, phantom powered for ease and still has the beautiful sound that the C12 is so famous for.Our BC12A microphones capture a best of both worlds design.  They not only capture the sonic beauty of the original long body C12, they also have the functionality of the C12A short (small body) design.  Airy, open and ready for release capture that is not sibilant.  No thuddy lows and muddy mids, just beauty.

Our BC12A Tube microphone has 9 polar patterns that are adjustable from the included power supply.


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