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8200 Two-Channel Parametric EQ

Brought to you from the man who invented the very concept of Parametric Equalization, the 8200 has been an industry standard for over twenty years, and can be found on virtually every major recording studio's stereo bus. Each of the five broadly-overlapping bands offers 15dB of Boost or Cut and adjustable bandwidth (or "Q") from 0.4 to 4. The lowest and highest bands also can be switched to Shelf mode. Quite simply, the 8200 is the archetype Stereo Parametric Equalizer. Its extraordinary resolution, benchmark transparency, generous headroom, and surgical precision have been the reference for many other equalizers, but exceeded by no other. It fits into a 2U, 19" space and requires the external GML 8355 Power Supply.

Includes 8355 Power Supply

8200 Two-Channel Parametric EQ

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