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8302 Dual Mic Preamp Series II

GML Microphone Preamplifiers are world renowned for their life-like realism, high resolving power, and reference-standard transparency. Why? Their all-discrete, bipolar transistor circuit topologies are completely transformerless with no FET's, IC's, or electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. Even the outputs are direct-coupled; time-proven active servos remove DC without adding any artificial color. 15dB to 70dB of Gain is front panel selectable in accurate 5dB steps. A +24dBv CLIP indicator warns of any impending overloads and switchable phantom powering is built in. The 8304 four-channel mic pre (as well as the 8302 two-channel version) fits compactly in only 1U of rack space.


Includes 8355 Power Supply


Note: picture shown is GML 8300 4 channels (8304).



8302 Dual Mic Preamp Series II

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